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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feel Like Fashion on a Budget?

HI, guys! Who doesn't love clothes? Check out my tips "Money Guru's Guide 2 Clothes), but here's some more tips to gear you up for Autumn!!!

  1. The Summer sales are on right now, so stock up on handbags, hairbands, hats, jewellery, and T-Shirts.
  2. Here's what you need to start you off: black T-Shirt, black trousers, jeans, jeans skirt, plain colourful T-Shirts, black jumper, plain colourful jumpers, denim jacket, black jacket, blakc coat (if you live in a cold climate), and black boots. These are all so easy to mix and match, and you can add more items if you want.
  3. Accessories are KEY. But don't forget to get them cheap. Check out those sales, chain stores, and second-hand shops. Here's some stuff that will add flair: black handbag, hairband, tons of flimy scarfes (can be worn as hairbands or belts---or just around your neck), braclets, necklaces, key chains (can be put on bag to spice it up), and and some winter woolies. These will make even an all black outfit cool.
  4. If you have a school uniform, you'll only be wearing your clothes on weekends, so you can make do on less. Spend your money on accessories to look ql4sql! (Did anyone understand that? Cool for school.)




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