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*sigh* How do you get money for that jacket AND that DVD AND your mum's birthday present AND save some money AND make some money? Well, one girl gives the answers! The only money blog 4 kids! (I think) (This is the bit where I have to say this is for entertainment only, right?)

Friday, July 28, 2006


The china is wrapped, the clothes are packed up, we've checked there's no money left behind, and now the vans are here. Huh?, I hear you ask. Well, WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feel Like Fashion on a Budget?

HI, guys! Who doesn't love clothes? Check out my tips "Money Guru's Guide 2 Clothes), but here's some more tips to gear you up for Autumn!!!

  1. The Summer sales are on right now, so stock up on handbags, hairbands, hats, jewellery, and T-Shirts.
  2. Here's what you need to start you off: black T-Shirt, black trousers, jeans, jeans skirt, plain colourful T-Shirts, black jumper, plain colourful jumpers, denim jacket, black jacket, blakc coat (if you live in a cold climate), and black boots. These are all so easy to mix and match, and you can add more items if you want.
  3. Accessories are KEY. But don't forget to get them cheap. Check out those sales, chain stores, and second-hand shops. Here's some stuff that will add flair: black handbag, hairband, tons of flimy scarfes (can be worn as hairbands or belts---or just around your neck), braclets, necklaces, key chains (can be put on bag to spice it up), and and some winter woolies. These will make even an all black outfit cool.
  4. If you have a school uniform, you'll only be wearing your clothes on weekends, so you can make do on less. Spend your money on accessories to look ql4sql! (Did anyone understand that? Cool for school.)



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"I want a credit card..."

Hi! My parents won't let me have a credit card, what should I do?
Plastic Girl

Dear Plastic Girl,
Sorry, but I agree with your parents. In my opinion, no one should have a credit card. Know why? Because with plastic, you can't keep track of your money. Sure, you can "keep track", but how long will it be before you forget? And end up with a huge debt?
But, credit cards are hugely useful. You can get good deals on the net, if it gets stolen, you can just cancel it. So, credit cards are good and bad. So what do you do? Talk to your parents about a prepaid credit card. Tell them that you will buy it. Because it's prepaid, you can't wrack up a huge debt---because there's a limit.

Getting a bank account, part 2.

So, now you have your spending bank account, time for the saving! Things to look for:
  1. NO hole in the wall! An ATM card is the worst thing you can have in a bank account. Even those with the strongest willpower will fail with THAT plastic!
  2. Interest. VERY important. After all, you'll probably be saving for a long time, so you want to make some money! This year, I'll earn 48 interest, which I think is pretty good!
  3. What are you saving for? College? A car? A birthday party? Long term savings goals, like college, which are important, belong in your savings account. Short term savings, like those killer boots, belong in your spending account. Or, if you want, you can open a spending/saving account, for things you're saving to buy.

So, now you have your bank account, how do you keep saving?

  1. Carrot & stick. If you're having a hard time saving, promise yourself that if you save 20 over a month, you'll buy yourself a book---but NOT out of your savings! If you stop saving, then make yourself go without something you really love.
  2. Set a goal. One of my goals is to save 1000 before I'm 20. If you give yourself a lot of time, it'll seem natural.
  3. Do your parents want you to save? Tell them you'll save if they match it. You save 20, they put 20 in your bank account. Getting money from your parents makes everything seem fun!



What I'm Reading...

I.N.V.U. by Kim Kang-Won. Rating: pure genius of manga!

Spot remedies, cheap style.

Arrgghh! Spot have to be the most annoying thing ever! However, to get rid of them doesn't need to cost money. Tea tree oil is incredibly cheap, and very effective. When I apply it every night, the spot is usually gone in three days! Simply put a drop on a cotton bud, and apply. So, swing by the health food shop 2day!

Who thinks I should change my name?

Do you find "the money guru" offputting? Tell me now! Drop me a line in the comments:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lost Season 2 Finale

So, is anyone else as freaked out by Lost as I am? I dip in and out of Lost---it's on quite late, and I need my beauty sleep! But, sometimes I watch it, and last night was one of those nights. There was so much hype---what would happen? Would the world come to a end if they stopped pushing the button? Well, as far as I can tell, nothing much happened.
Only that it gave me the heebie-jeebies, and a load of questions.
So. What happened to Locke and that Scottish guy? What's the Brit Chick doing? Has something castrophobic happened to the world as we know it, because they stopped pushing the button? Who the foreign guys in beanie hats in the boat? Is it just my imagination, or were they Russian? You know, the actors signed a seven year contract, which means another five years. Another five years of me going: "Um, what just happened?!" Maybe I should boycott the show? But I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! I'm going to throw a tantrum soon. You know all the theories going round about Lost? Well, here are MY theories:
1. They live in a giant fish bowl, and that's why no one has rescued them or
2. They live in a video game.
They are, of course, complete and utter nonsense.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Get a Bank Account Part 1

My blog has no readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, just in CASE anyone is reading (comment. Now. *mean look*), I will continue to blog. But no more imaginary questions, OK?
Don't worry, this won't be some sickening article where I am really annoying, like a lot of sites. Instead, I will tell you the things a bank account should have. (If you want a sickening article, you can propably find them on the links: ------->)
  1. A hole in the wall. Personally, I HATE, HATE, HATE banks, because they're always so annoyingly chirpy, and asking if I want to have a talk about money. Um, no. That's why a ATM is number one priority for me. For some irritating reason, with most banks you can only get a ATM card if you're over 13, which I find ludicrous. In most banks, the reasonis parents say that they don't want they're kids to get too easy access to their money. If it's my money, I will take it out of a hole in the wall if I want too. If your account won't let you have a ATM card, you can: A) Get a different account or B) Write loads of letters to the bank, asking why can't you have a ATM card.
  2. Interest rates. You should have two accounts: No. 1 for your spending. (Hole in the wall one) and No. 2 for your savings. Usually internet accounts pay the highest rate of interest, but for your spending one, you don't want an internet one. So, look for one with loads of ATMS, and with the highest interest rate.
  3. Free gifts. It's amazing what you can get free with a bank account. Ice rink tickets, toys, wallets, alarm clocks...I'm thinking of opening a bank account and putting nothing in it, just for the free gifts!



Seriously, people...

I'm running out of imaginary questions. So start asking! I've said it a million times: if you have a question, put it in the comments.
Meanwhile, everyone cross your fingers that I'll get into Yahooligans!, OK?
And a subject not remotely related, does anyone know of a hit counter where I don't have to give a email? Thanx. Now, onto the bad imaginary questions...
OK. I admit it. I can't think of any. Blog coming up soon...

What I'm Reading...

The Silver City, by Cliff McNish. Rating: OK

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Since nobody's...

...asking questions, I'm having to resort to making up questions. But just remember... *puts on spooky voice* I can't keep on making up questions forever, so I might have to stop blogging...Of course, that wouldn't be that big a tragedy if no one is reading it. So, you know the deal: put your questions in the comments section of the latest entry. And now, for some questions! (Don't blame me if they're rubbish, my creative juices aren't very juicy today.)
Dear MG,
I want to decorate my room, but I have no money. Help?
Dreary Decorater
Dear Dreary,
Get some fabric paint, and graffitti your duvet. Grab some posters from magazines (or just pretty pictures) and put them in the wall. A beaded curtain adds magic to any doorway, and is pretty cheap, too. Get a mug tree and hang any jewellery you might have from it. Happy decorating!
Dear MG,
Can you give me any tips for the sales?
Sale Surfer
Dear Surfer,
Sure! I'm an expert at the sales. First, start saving up a few months before the sales. (for example, if you got $10 pocket money, saved $5 a week from October to January, you'd have $60) Second, have a list of what you might want to buy. (Like, I need 2 T-Shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, and a blazer), so you just don't buy, buy, buy. Third, if you can, get the shop to hold it. Then thiiiiiiiiiiiiink about it. If they won't hold it, walk around the shop three time, and think about. Ready, set, shop!
Dear MG,
How much should I save?
Should I Save or Should I Go?
Dear Save,
Well, you should stash away at least 10% of your income. (I save 20%) Even if it doesn't seem a lot, it can really add up. And just as important, make sure you get a good rate of interest! You get quite good rates online, but don't get the first one you find. And nobody said you can have JUST one!

Half 'n' half

Hey, works for me.

Yep, another one.

I got: Great at acting like you know something on a oscar trivia quiz.
Thanks. I am actually, very good at pretending I know what someone is talking about. I guess the ultimate would be a scientists convention about armageddon monkeys or something...

Yet anooooooother one.

I'm obcessed with them.
Justin? OK. I'd rather have Jonny Depp, though.

Another personality quiz

I don't normally like personaility quizes, but these ones are COOOOOOOOOL.
Pretty acurate. I AM a rebel. Which one did you get?

Um. Whatever. Only 10% of people got this result. I don't even know what the N is, but they've got cool quizzes.

Cool site alert!

OK, personally, I love this site. Shopaholics Anonymous
It has cute pictures, it's easy to read, and did I mention the outfits?

What I'm Reading...

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie. Rating: Pure Genius.

More imaginary questions

Since I seem to be blogging to myself, I'm making another imaginary question. Remember, if you've got a question, put it in the latest entries comment section. Got that? Great.
My parents won't let me buy what I want with my own money. They don't give me pocket money, and I earned the money from dog-walking. How can I persuade them to let me buy the things I want?
I Wanna Buy
Dear Buy,
Ah, the overprotective parents. A particularly nasty breed. Sit them down, tell them that it's your money which you earned, so they don't have a say in what you do with it.
Unless, of course, you want to use it to start a gambling hall or something. In that case they do have a say in the matter.
Dear MG,
I keep on spending my money on other people! Buying them drinks, lending them money, giving to charity, etc., etc. This is all nice and all, but I don't have any money for ME! How can I stop giving money to people?
Take It
Dear Take,
Giving to charity, lending your friends money, getting them a drink when they have money---all nice things, from the land of nice. Unless it's not so nice for YOU, in which case, you need to do something about it.
Personally, I think it's great to give to charity, but not if it's leaving you dry. Check out , where you click once every day to give .6 bowls of food to animals. And it's free! Also, donate old stuff you have hanging around to Oxfam. So there's the charity sorted. Next, the lending money thing. If you just can't say no (try it), then bring with you a stack of coupons like this:
___________ owes __________ this amount ___________ of money.
Signed _______ & ______
Fill em in whenever you lend money, so you can get it back more easily. Then, only bring enough money for YOUR drink, so you can just say "I don't have enough". Or use the coupons.

Get the Designer Look: Gucci

Beiges, browns, and blacks are the basis for the collection. While you won't have the trademark bag, you can still look like you're stepped off their photo shoot:
  • Wear a cream poloneck jumper.
  • Brown or black cords.
  • Black jacket.
  • Large black sunglasses.
  • Brown granny bag.

Volia! You look like you live in Beverly Hills! (Which I don't. But you guessed that, right?)



Veronica Mars

Loads of sites have been going on about Veronica Mars. So when I saw it in the TV listings, I thought I'd watch it. My verdict? Not that great. She just seems like Nancy Drew, except with cooler clothes and edgier cases. However, I did quite like this quote:
"I really wanted to say the butler did it. Instead, it was his son."
Anyone want to see my butler impression? This is in a British accent...
"Would you like a butter your toast, miss? Now, wouldn't it be a shame if it were to...slip..."

Hello? Anyone there?

*wonders if she is just blogging to herself*

How 2 do your hobbies...for free.

  • If horseridings your thing, ask the stable if you can help out in exchange for free lessons.
  • Love scrapbooking? Ask if you can do it in art supplies!
  • Take a sewing class, and make funky clothes! (If you can sew. All *I* can do without breaking something is hemming.)
  • Drama queen like moi? Don't splurge on drama lessons, join drama club @ school.

Anymore suggestions?



Libraries rock!

They so do. Even if the librarians at my local library ARE bit barmy, I'm willing to brave them to get my hands on free books and DVDs. A godsend for a bookworm like me. Now if I could just convince them to get Teen Vogue...

Don't Look! Don't Look!

Please keep your eyes averted from the sidebar. It's a bit messed up, so until I figure it out, Don't look at it. OK?

You may look at it now. In fatc LOOOOOOOOOOOOK at it. It took me ages to do that, so appreciate it, OK?

Get the Designer Look: Marc by Marc Jacobs

In the Autum/Winter collection, there were long tweed coats, long denim skirts, loooooong scarfes, and that was pretty much it. If you want a more casual look, or simply hate long denim skirts (me), swap the skirt for some jeans, and get ready for the admiring looks!

Looking for a role model?

OK, I'm going to take a stop from my usual blabberings about money to blog about someone totally cool. Audrey Brashich. She writes the totaly fab blog ( Don't Believe the Hype. Looking for a new spin on things? Sick of models? Want to read about totally fab real role models? Head over there. Chances are, you'll be hooked like I was.

Get the Designer Look: Chanel

Smooth sophistication is key to the Chanel look. Go for tweedy jackets, cords, shirts, or for a more casual look, a black T-shirt. The accessories are pretty obvious: go for cloche hats (if you look good in them, unlike me), fabric flower pins, Grandma's brooches, and of course, a leather bag with a gold chain, without the logo, will still make you look like you stepped out of a ad.
Happy shopping!

Get the Designer Look: Lacoste

Lacoste basically relies on sports-prep. Polo shirts (in white or black ONLY, unless you want to look like a mad tennis player), v-neck jumpers, tennis dresses, cords, cord skirts and mary-janes are all key to the look. For accessories, try visors (so cute in ice-cream colours), sporty handbags, sports socks, and basically anything that falls into sprts-prep. Only PLEASE, I'm BEGGING you, don't wear the puffa boots that were in Lacoste's Autum/Winter collection.
Happy shopping!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

More blog quiz...stuff.

OK, I saw this thing on a blog, but I can't remember which one...*rolls eyes* So, if it was from your blog, put it in the comments, and I'll edit you in!

From my posts, decripe me in one word and then comment on it. Then do it on YOUR blog so I can comment about you!

Whatcha waiting for?

Blog Quiz

You know those blog quizs? I love 'em. So I've decided to make my own. If you want to do it, paste it onto your blog or my comments section, and be sure to include a link to moi! ;)
1. Friends is: still classic or so passe
Still classic
2. Comics are: juevenile or funky
3. Blogs are for: geeks with no life or totally cool.
Totally cool.
4.Shopping is: hard work or so fun.
Hard work.
5. This quiz is: so cool or boring.
SO cool.
6. Blockbuster or low-budget?
7. Music: mainstream or unsual.

More imaginary questions

Dear Money Guru,
I want to save money for a jacket, but I keep on buying little stuff! Help!
Frazzled 'n' Cashless
Dear Frazzled,
Simple. Don't bring your cash out with you, stick a picture of that jacket wherever you keep your money, and try and keep out of shops.

The Money Guru

The Money Guru's Guide 2 Clothes

Oh, clothes shopping is SO hard! There's the trying to find something that fits you...add a budget into the bargain, and you've got a big prob! Luckily, the money guru is here!
First of all, and most important: don't buy clothes just because they're in fashion! Recipe for disaster! And even if you do love it, will you still want it if everyone says they're a big no-no in a few months time?
Look at the price tag before you admire it. Easy to lose your willpower if you really love it.
Don't buy it straight away. Get the shop to hold it, and go get a smoothie and think 'bout it.

This tips will hopefully stop you from buying total duds! Good luck!
Money Guru

Welcome to...the money guru!

Hi! Want a teen money guru's help? Look no further! Any money questions (be it saving, how to get money for a quite jacket, wrangling a raise, investing...) can be answered here! Until I'm properly up and running, would you mind leaving your questions on the comments section? And's a sample question I made up!

Dear Money Guru,
Why is it so hard to manage money??? I start off the week with ten euros, and by the end of it I OWE ten euro! Help me!
Moneyless Spender

Dear Moneyless,
OK, deep breath! First of all, STOP SPENDING!!!! Every week, with your ten euros, pay off a little bit of what you owe. I don't care how much you want that new book/jacket/CD/DVD, YOU ARE NOT BUYING IT!!! Got that? Good. Now, once you've paid off all that money you owe, you can start focusing on your spending. First of all, get a piece of paper, and write down EVERY SINGLE THING YOU BUY. And when your money runs out? Stop spending. When you've run out of money, look at what you've bought. Did you REALLY need 5 packets of chewing gum? Couldn't you have got that book at the library? Did you really need that magazine, for that interview with Orlando Bloom, when you can find interviews for free on the net? Do you get the picture? So, first of all, stop buying what you don't need. Second, figure out if you can get the same things for free, and third, stop borrowing money. Get your spending habits under control, and let the good times roll!

OK, that's all for today! And start sending me your question through the comments sections. It's right there:

Se ya!
Money Guru